Add Calories = Weight Loss?

Every one knows that the more calories you eat the easier it is to gain weight, right? If I were to tell you that adding calories to your diet would help you lose weight, would you believe me? Probably not. However, maybe your opinion will change after reading this.

Weight Loss Basics

You are not going to find a crazy, new, revolutionary diet as you read this. All you will read are the easy, basic facts to losing weight. When trying to lose weight, there are three key strategies. These strategies are:

  • Changing Your Diet
  • Increasing Your Exercise
  • Adding Supplements (this is more of a supporting role to losing weight)
If you put all three of these strategies together, you will have the perfect program to losing weight. The average american diet today probably consists of a lot of processed food, because it is easy to come across and it is CHEAP. However, these processed foods do not have all the nutrients needed to help support a healthy diet. It is hard enough to find the nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle let alone in processed foods. An apple today has 20% less of the nutrients than an apple from 40 to 50 years ago. This is do to all of the chemicals used to grow our fruits and vegetables. What I am trying to say is, get rid of all the processed, chemically enhanced foods and start eating healthy, fresh, and natural foods. CHANGE YOUR DIET! Along with changing your diet, you need to exercise. You have to burn those calories that you are taking in, no matter what type of calories they are.
Now, when it comes to a weight loss program, maybe you feel you have found the perfect solution. The perfect weight loss strategy at one point in your life might not be the best strategy at another point in your life. As your body composition changes so do your dietary needs. For example, maybe you found a weight loss strategy that worked wonders when you were 50 pounds overweight and 35% body fat. That same strategy might not work when you are 10 pounds overweight and 20% body fat. When you first started out, weight loss was very quick and easy. All you needed to do was take in less calories then you burned. At this point weight loss should be rapid. Add in a few supplements, such as Shakeology, protein shakes, or multivitamins, to help get all your needed nutrients and you are on track to losing weight.

You might be asking, “I thought you said ADDING calories would help you loss weight?” Yes, I am getting to that now.

Hitting A Plateau

Now that you have been rapidly losing weight, how many of you have ever hit that weight loss plateau? This is where the crazy idea of adding calories comes in.

For a while, you have seen your workouts getting easier and easier, but now they seem to be getting harder. This is when you know you need to change your diet. Workouts are getting harder because your body is not getting enough fuel to help you get through them. You need to add more calories (calories = energy). However, make sure you are adding healthy calories (supplements can help here as well such as performance supplements like protein shakes).

At this point, weight loss should be associated with building muscle and not losing pounds on the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you don’t see the scale dropping, do not worry. As your body loses fat and gains muscle, your metabolism increases and your body shrinks, but the scale doesn’t change much. For example, you might be at 140 pounds with 24% body fat, and in a few weeks you only loss 5 pounds but you are at 19% body fat. Your body will look a lot different, but the scale doesn’t show the same results. As long as the workouts are improving, the body is probably changing even though the weight is staying the same. DON’T GET FRUSTRATED (I strongly recommend before pictures so you have something to compare to).

Here is a true example of a guy who had to add calories to lose weight. He was working through the Power 90 workout program and in the first round he went from 230 pounds to 190 pounds and ate 1200 calories a day. For the second round his target weight was 175 pounds, but he hit a plateau at 190. He was finally convinced to start adding calories and as he got up to 1800-2000 calories a day he saw weight starting to drop again. It wasn’t until he reached 3000 calories a day, that he could get to 175 pounds. This is a extreme example, not all examples will be like this.

Add Calories To Fuel Your Workouts

As you feel your workouts getting harder or as you hit your plateau, remember that your body needs energy. Add more calories to get your body through the tough workouts that you weren’t able to complete when you started your weight loss journey.


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