Shakeology vs. Body By Vi

Before I say anything…lets let the nutrition labels do all the taking. I encourage you to click the labels to enlarge.


Body By Vi

    • 90 Calories
    • Tri-sorb Protein 15g
    • 15 mg Cholesterol
    • 75 mg Sodium



    • 140 Calories
    • Whey Protein Isolate 17g
    • 15 mg Cholesterol
    • 100 mg Sodium

Let Me Make It Simple For You:

As I searched and searched, I couldn’t find too much information for the Body By Vi nutrition shake. The only placed to really find any information was the Body By Vi site and even there I couldn’t find any nutrition label, any nutrition facts, or any ingredients. It was almost like they were trying to keep this information from me. Shakeology on the other hand had plenty of information all of the web. Just searching Shakeology, I found everything from labels, to facts, to ingredients, to success stories, to doctors opinions. Nothing seemed “hidden”.

All I really did find about Body By Vi was this new protein the shakes contain. They call it Tri-Sorb Protein. Is supposedly “has the highest quality whey available, whey hydrosolate along with the whey protein isolate and non GMO soy with the isoflavones removed” and absorbs. Other than this, it just seems to have all of the basic vitamins and minerals as all the other meal shakes.

Shakeology on the other hand is full of healthy ingredients. It contains 17g of Whey Protein Isolate per serving. Along with whey protein, Shakeology contains over 70 high-quality ingredients that are all natural and nothing is artificial. As the labels show, many of these vitamins and minerals are over 100% of the daily value (Body By Vi is mostly 30% of the daily value). If you want more information about the ingredients of Shakeology and where they come from click here.

Now I know what you are thinking. If Shakeology is a better product, then why would you put the total number of calories in the description? (Shakeology = 140 cal. per serving, Body By Vi = 90 cal. per serving). Well lets get real here. These are meal replacement shakes. That means you are substituting them for your meal. Are you really going to tell me that a 90 calorie meal is HEALTHY? (On the Body Bi Vi website they actually say the 90 calories is a “healthy snack”, so they are comparing a snack to other meal replacements). Yes, you will obviously lose weight when you starve yourself. However, if you are using it to lose weight, there is probably one reason you are over weight…you love food. So if you are only taking in 90 calories for one meal, you are going to make up for that (because you are still hungry) somewhere else, with unhealthy calories. But, don’t worry, you are getting enough protein. Shakeology gives you enough calories (250-300 if you add milk and some fruit or organic peanut butter, perfect for a meal) AND gives you a lot more nutrients.

Lastly, you are probably still looking at the prices. Body By Vi costs a little less than $2 a meal while Shakeology is $4 a meal ($3 if you are a coach). All I can say is…you get what you pay for. If you are looking for something that has all the nutrients you need to get fit and healthy you are going to have to pay the extra dollar. However, if you are satisfied with a product that has just as much nutrients as many of the store brand meal shakes (Slim Fast, Muscle Milk, etc., do the research), $2 a meal is perfect.

New Tropical Flavor

I am sorry to say, but it took you years to get to where you are today. It is going to take a lot of effort to get to where you want to go. It’s like getting a tattoo. If someone is trying to offer you a cheap deal, I will guarantee  l you that you tattoo (which will be with you forever) is not going to look very good. Put in the money and effort now and you will be happy for life. The End.

Did I mention that Body By Vi uses an artificial sweetener?

Shakeology 2-0, other products 0-2

ORDER YOUR SHAKEOLOGY NOW! Get started with the healthiest  meal of the day and you will be amazed by the results. If you aren’t, send it back and get your money back. Under the “Shakeology” tab, just click on “Shakeology Order NOW!”


6 thoughts on “Shakeology vs. Body By Vi

  1. The body Vi, is only $2 if your dont get the flavoring or the energy bosters. Those are extra for body by Vi but included in Shakeology.


    • I have heard a few people that have said they didn’t like the taste of Shakeology. For me, I love it and have never found a bad recipe. It is shocking to me that someone can’t like it, but I know everyone is different. It does have a ton of nutrients, and nothing is artificial, in it so I can see that there must be some people out there that won’t like it.

    • I have tried to do the research but I just cannot find much information about Body By Vi. The company doesn’t even post its nutrition label online. I can’t find it anywhere. But I am not trying to make one shake better than the other. I am just stating what I have found. If you have different information I would love to hear all about it.

      All I want is for people to find something (no matter if it is Shakeology, Body By Vi, P90X, a gym membership, or just something to get them started) that will help them lose weight. Our nation is looking pretty bad these days and it is sad to see how many problems people are having just because they have too much extra weight. I am happy that you are out there selling your Body By Vi to help people get started on the idea of eating more healthy. Keep up the great work.

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