Digestive Health

Brooks A., 26 yrs., Oklahoma City, OK. Reason: DIGESTIVE HEALTH

In 2008, I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis. Since then I’ve been on a huge amount of meds, from steroids to herbal remedies. Simply going to a movie with friends had become a huge challenge. The VERY first day on Shakeology, I couldn’t believe how much energy I had! I’d been an energy-drink junkie for years, and this tasty shake gave me higher quality, longer-lasting energy than any of those sugary, bubbly drinks. After only a week, the shocking results started: the colitis flare-up I was experiencing was nearly gone! I can’t begin to tell people how amazing this stuff is. I’m losing weight, getting in shape, and I’ve been off my harmful medications for almost three months. I believe Shakeology gave my body the nutrients it needed to fight the colitis.


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