My Story

Stop the trend of OBESITY, here is my story:

I grew up as a swimmer. I started when I was 7 years old and I swam year-round on an age group swim team. I have to say I was pretty spoiled when it came to swimming. When I got to 14 years old I won the 200 backstroke and came in 2nd in the 100 backstroke at the junior olympics in Southern California. When I got into high school I started playing water polo along with swimming. I was in amazing shape and I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted too. I was never on any kind of diet, I actually ate pretty poorly when I think about it. A lot of fast food and junk. But, hey, I was a kid and I was burning thousands of calories a day.

I chose not to continue my athletic career when I went to college. However, my eating habits didn’t change like my workout habits did. I never exercised. I went to classes, and hung out but never went to the gym. I continued to eat like I did when I was working out 5 hours a day and I quickly started to see the results of it. I gained over 30 pounds and my muscle mass was no where to be found. In 5 years I went from 11% body fat to over 25%. By my junior year, I decided to make a change and in my first semester I lost 25 pounds and was almost back to my high school weight. But….I gained it all back the very next semester. I just couldn’t motivate myself enough to keep the weight off. I LOVE FOOD!

Finally, I found Shakeology and it changed my life. After only 7 days I lost 5 pounds and my body felt amazing and healthy. I really noticed it after eating a burrito for lunch and feeling horrible the rest of the day. That never happened to me. From there I started doing Rev Abs with my wife and a friend and saw the pounds quickly start dropping. AND, for the first time in years, I started to see my abs again.

After Rev Abs I started P90X and it has been amazing. My chest and arms are bigger than ever and my stomach gets better every week. My diet has completely changed, thanks to Shakeology and I just feel so healthy. Because of this I have become a Beachbody coach and want to spread the great news about how good it feels to get into shape.

If you have any questions please ask. I am only here to help and motivate.


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